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Community - The Core

by Wingzzz at 5:35 PM
(108 Views / 1 Likes)

Hey bots!

So, we've had a few problems with some servers and maps yet nothing has been changing... We would like to apologize to all our community members for the lack of activity. We've been busy but now we're back in gear developing and working hard daily.

So, to kick things off most of you will notice that we decided to push one of our up-coming new games to named SlimeBall the server for beta testing to tie you guys over *yay*. Now, we also recently changed our chat formatting, jump on our server IP: coremc.us and chat with some players to check it out! This was just the start of it, we'll actually be changing it just a little bit more.

Next off due to the recent testing of note block songs (NBS) in SlimeBall,...
by JLK_Scotland at 12:48 PM
(91 Views / 0 Likes)
Hello bots!

If you've been keeping up with TheCores Livestream and quizzes, you would know that in a few weeks we will be hosting a charity event to try raise money for the option that gets the most votes in the poll. The night will be alot of fun, and the best part is, it will be for a good cause! All you have to do is vote in the poll below which charity you would like us to raise money for.

The poll will close 29th April 2014.​

If you want more information about each charity then here you go.

by davidxd33 at 4:41 PM
(74 Views / 1 Likes)
Our website is now running version 1.1! Changes include:

» Global page banners [view any game to see it]
» Vote page re-design
» Preparations for name changing
» Lots of boring back-end stuff
» Twitter feed styling
» Fixed many page titles not appearing and a new format
» Staff Online sidebar on players page
» Leaderboard sorting
» View who liked you on your profiles [hover over likes]

Friendly reminder that you can see updates before they are released by visiting http://dev.thecoremc.net.
by JLK_Scotland at 5:19 PM
(166 Views / 3 Likes)
Hey bots!

We've just released a brand new gamemode called SlimeBall, which is much like the real life game football (UK)/soccer (US). The aim of the game is to get the slime into the opposite side's goal, simple, right? You can also get items that spawn in to give your team an advantage.

We will be releasing a coupon code soon, and we might even turn on double/triple coins for the rest of the weekend! :)

Please note: The game is still in beta, and statistics/leaderboards won't be enabled until a further date.

See you on the server!
Please report all bugs in this section here: http://thecoremc.net/community/forums/bug-reports.149/
by CanadaTacos at 2:45 PM
(2,905 Views / 32 Likes)
The Core Staff Applications - OPEN

Hey guys! If you are reading this, you are most likely interested in applying to join The Core's staff team. We are now reviewing and accepting applications for a new round of Junior Moderators! Before you get right into applying, please be sure to thoroughly read through this thread. It should answer any questions you may have regarding the application process.

Application deadline is 11:59p GMT on April 20th

What are Junior Moderators?
A Junior Moderator is a staff member that is going through a trial period before becoming a Moderator. The Junior Moderators will have close to the same permissions as a Moderator, but with a few extra restrictions for obvious reasons. During the trial period, they are closely monitored and trained by other staff members. This ensures our trial moderators go through proper training and become an excellent addition to...
by JLK_Scotland at 10:34 AM
(121 Views / 1 Likes)

A Double Core Coin Weekend is coming up!

Starting Friday 4 April at 12:00AM UK Greenwich Time and ending on 6 April at 11:59PM UK Greenwich Time.
That means all players and donors will get x2 coins on all servers available on TheCore.
by JLK_Scotland at 2:50 PM
(216 Views / 0 Likes)
Hey bots!

What a month it has been, with over 4500+ votes, it couldn't have got any better. This month though, we want to try beat that. We are want to make it our goal to reach atleast 5300 votes. We can do it.

You can see last months winners here: http://thecoremc.net/community/threads/march-top-voters.4418/

Voting link: http://thecoremc.net/vote
As you can see, there is 5 top voter spaces, meaning that 5 of you can win prizes just by voting daily

The top voters go in order (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc..) and every month we will be giving those people rewards which are listed below. We will pick the top voters every month on the 1st, and then the top voters will be reset for the next month. It's amazing what you can get.. just by voting!
Goodluck to everyone that makes it up there! :)

1st place: 1 Month Diamond, 50 Core Coins, 5 Core Passes
2nd place: 1 Month Emerald, 50 Core Coins, 5 Core Passes
3rd place: 1...​
by JLK_Scotland at 2:31 PM
(229 Views / 0 Likes)
Hey bots!

What a month it has been, overall we got 4799 votes just by people voting daily and getting mini-rewards like passes and coins. We hope to try and beat this outstanding record next month, but thank you to everyone that voted this month! Heres how well you did:

Top 5 Voters
First place
: CamUNcensoredx - 109 votes
Second place: Golumpa - 98 votes
Third Place: Swiftshadow11 - 78 votes
Fourth Place: gspoland11 - 76 votes
Fifth Place: MuffinLovesAlot - 74 votes
*if you're in the top 3, please contact me for your rank/who you want to give your rank out to

Top 25 Voters
6th place
: moppletop - 61 votes
7th place: Daryls_Crossbow - 58 votes
8th place: Xfur - 57 votes
9th place: Unknowncmbk - 55 votes
10th place: JLK_Scotland - 53 votes
11th place: Mario2Sonic - 52 votes
12th place: purpleowlcat24 - 51 votes
13th place: gercomaster - 49...​