The Core MC


Enjoy playing soccer? Dislike the slimely green creatures of minecraft? Come and play our game, Slimeball.Race to get the small slime in the opposing teams goal to score. Powerful power ups spawn around the map that can change the direction of the game or sabotage the enemy team.

The Core Games

The Core Games is our little twist to the famous Hunger Games in Minecraft. The Core is the only place you will ever be able to play as the gamemaker. The gamemaker can spawn in tons of chaotic things, such as a sky full of TNT or if you're feeling nice, an allocation of chests. You decide how the game will turn out; so are you evil or nice?


Two hunters, a team of builders. You must break through the walls to reach the heart of the map, the emerald. You have 30 seconds to get as far as you can before the powerful hunters are released. Slow them down by placing traps and building your own walls with the wool given to you. Win the game by destroying the emerald.


Frenzy is a game where you must defend your own personal tower from the others who want to destroy it. Choose your class in the beginning and decide if you want to play defense or offense. To destroy a tower, stand in it until the health is down to zero but keep a sharp eye out for your own tower.

Hot Potato

The classic game, Hot Potato, revisioned in the world of Minecraft. 32 player matches with one person holding a ticking time bomb, the potato. The objective here is to pass the potato around by hitting other players before the timer expires. There are power-ups around the altars that spawn in that can save you, or self-destruct the potato.

Roll the Dice

Roll the Dice is a free-for-all game where everybody has a randomly assigned class. You may have the power to blow up your enemies with the stick of thor or have the power to talk to sheep.. There are random supply crates the spawn around the map and one altar to deposite your enemies head for perks or your utter destruction.

Age of Minecraft

Four teams, one minecraft world. The primary objective is to mine the most resources and crafted items. Your team has it's own town equipped with a tool kit sign and a mine. The more items delivered, the higher level you are. Your tools are upgraded as your team levels up.

Control Point

Four teams, one control point. In this game, you choose your class and rush to take control of the control point. Points are rewarded to teams standing in the control point every minute. Each team member earns 10 points and the first team to reach 150 points wins.

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